Quality Purebreds Sell At 2006 World Pork Expo

DES MOINES - The 2006 World Pork Expo, which took place June 7-10 in Des Moines, Iowa, was deemed a success with the Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire sales totaling more than $400,000.
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  • Brian Anderson, Coffeyville, Kan., judged the Duroc show. Auctioneer Howard Parrish, Edon, Ohio, sold 22 boars averaging $3,925 and 32 gilts averaging $697.

  • The Grand Champion Duroc Boar, shown by Joe Roberts, Fair Grove, Mo., sold to Shaffer's Gold Rush, Albany, Ind., for $2,900. He was sired by NBD4 Ox 67-4.

  • RW Genetics, Palmyra, Neb., exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Duroc Boar, a son of NBD3 Moon Walker 50-7. He sold to Prairie State Semen Inc., Champaign, Ill., for $2,100.

  • Top-selling Duroc Boar honors went to a son of NBD3 Totally Wide Open 29-3, owned by Huinker Durocs Ltd., Decorah, Iowa. He sold to Shaffer's Gold Rush, Albany, Ind., for $25,000.

  • Chuck Olsen, Irene, S.D., exhibited the Grand Champion Duroc Gilt sired by NBD4 Deep Red 22-8. She sold to Chisum Livestock, Bucyrus, Kan., for $2,500.

  • Olsen also showed the Reserve Grand Champion and Top-selling Duroc Gilt sired by NBD4 Deep Red 22-8. She sold to Chisum Livestock for $3,100.

  • NBD4 Ox 67-4, owned by Shipley Swine Genetics, Newark, Ohio, earned the Duroc Premier Sire award.

  • Top Cut Showpig Sires, Hollansburg, Ohio, took home the Reserve Duroc Premier Sire award for RWG4 Total Package 229-3.


  • Clint Schwab, Ames, Iowa, evaluated the Hampshire show. Kevin Wendt, Dublin, Ohio, auctioneered 23 boars averaging $4,832 and 27 gilts averaging $1,082.

  • Tom Moyer and Family, Wauseon, Ohio, exhibited the Grand Champion Hampshire and Top-selling Boar. The GBJG4 Big Brother 36-2-sired boar sold to Top Cut Showpig Sires for $25,000.

  • Reserve Grand Champion Hampshire Boar honors went to A.J. Lewis, Brighton, Iowa, for his GL4 Black Belt 123-7-sired boar. He sold to Prairie State Semen Inc. for $11,000.

  • Dylan Cain, Chariton, Iowa, sold his Grand Champion Hampshire Gilt to Jerry Masters, Dover, Ark., for $2,200. She is a daughter of EC4 Mean Machine 147-3.

  • Penner Hampshires Inc., Plymouth, Neb., exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion and Top-selling Hampshire Gilt, a daughter of TWIN4 Cowboy Up 9-3. She sold for $3,700 to Wintex Farms, Lubbock, Texas, and Real McCoy Genetics, Bloomingburg, Ohio.

  • The Hampshire Premier Sire plaque went to Earl Cain and Family, Chariton, Iowa, for EC4 Mean Machine 147-3. GBJG4 Big Brother 36-2, owned by Real McCoy Genetics and John Graber, Stryker, Ohio, received the Reserve Hampshire Premier Sire award.


  • Howard Parrish evaluated and auctioneered the Landrace show. Parrish sold two boars averaging $850 and eight gilts averaging $644.

  • The Grand Champion and Top-selling Landrace Boar, shown by Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, sold to John Corey, Canterbury, Conn., for $1,150. He was sired by ISU3 Iron Man 1-3.

  • Reserve Grand Champion Landrace Boar honors went to Andy Paszkiewcz, Kaukana, Wis. He was sired by CR9 PSSS Snake 152-1.

  • Entry 466-10, owned by Kane Weinberg, Trenton, Ill., was named Grand Champion and Top-selling Landrace Gilt. Sired by CR3 Samson 287-1, she sold to Wintex Farms for $2,500.

  • Lauren Hahn, Greenville, Ill., bought Iowa State University's Reserve Grand Champion Landrace Gilt, sired by ISU3 Iron Man 1-3, for $1,200.

  • The Landrace Premier Sire award went to ISU3 Iron Man 1-3, owned by Iowa State University. CR9 PSSS Snake 152-1, owned by Prairie State Semen Inc., claimed the Reserve Landrace Premier Sire award.


  • Steve Cobb, Lake City, Ark., judged the Yorkshire show. Dan Baker, West Lafayette, Ind., auctioneered 32 boars averaging $3,173 and 54 gilts averaging $943.

  • Eddie Robinson, Wellsville, Mo., exhibited the Grand Champion Yorkshire Boar, sired by RNV4 Reno 13-4. The boar sold to Shipley Swine Genetics for $6,500.

  • Great Plains Genetics Inc., Mooreland, Okla., drove the Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire Boar. The TRHF5 New Beginning 231-1-sired boar sold to Colby Rahm, Yuma, Colo., for $4,500.

  • Top-selling Yorkshire Boar honors went to Jerry and Bryce Masters, Dover, Ark. The NNN4 Power Train 121-1-sired boar sold to Top Cut Showpig Sires for $40,000.

  • Grand Champion and Top-selling Yorkshire Gilt honors went to Penner Hampshires Inc. The JZP3 Too Cool 5-4-sired gilt sold to Bennett and Dotson, Kiddar, Mo., for $6,000.

  • The Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt, shown by Maynard Hahn and Family, Wakarusa, Ind., sold to Mark and Sandy Ottenwalter, Colusa, Calif., for $2,000. She was sired by HFYF4 Sure Thing 67-3.

  • JGR4 Full Pull 489-8, owned by Shipley Swine Genetics and Thompson Bros. Genetics, Lancaster, Ohio, earned the Yorkshire Premier Sire award.

  • RNV4 Reno 13-4, owned by Eddie Robinson claimed the Reserve Yorkshire Premier Sire plaque.

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