Announcement Of Practical Training Of Feed Import Registration

CHINA - The increasing demand on husbandry products, which attribute to the fast development of economic and improvement of the living condition, facilitates a great progressing space for feed industry in China.
calendar icon 14 September 2006
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As the second biggest feed producer in the world, China requires more efficient technologies for the booming feed industry. Therefore, more companies abroad are interested in the China feed market because of its huge scale and prospective potential. However, they are easily delayed the step to enter the market because of the little knowledge ofthe Chinese market laws, the official procedure of product registration and the update market information. Intermediately, the insufficient market information makes Chinese feed companies lose the opportunity to utilize the new technologies and feed ingredients.

Since July 15th, 2005, feed administrative approval had been included in Integrated Administration Approval Process (China Minister of Agriculture announcement No.157), which adjusted feed&ingredient import process , and created a new requirement on the application process of the feed&ingredient import (China Minister of Agriculture announcement No.611). China government revised the Approved Imported Additive List according new policy(China Minister of Agriculture announcement No.658) later.

Thus, National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center is going to organize a workshop in practically knowledge training on the Feed Import Registration in Beijing from Sept 25 to Sept 26, 2006(before VIV Exhibition), in order to help the abroad companies and their agencies in China produce and promote products to adapt China market better by better understanding of China market policies from a thorough overlook.

This training , which focuses on the feed&additive import practical knowledgein the updated policy from the Ministry of Agriculture, has acquired the support from several authorized experts and companies. Invited governors, experts, researchers and experienced businessmen will give presentations and offer communication opportunities for the topics of feed import registration process, application process, and relative document needed for application.

This training is practice oriented, which will be a practical and effective workshop. The training will bring the domestic feed business to a new level by building a tight bridge with the international advance technology. The features of the workshop are as following:

  1. Authority. All explanations, concerning key points of China government policy and documents for the application, will be presented by the governors and expertise.

  2. Pertinency. The training points on the registration prior to entering the market, which will make the registration process more easily and effectively.

  3. Unique Angle. Valuable experience will be introduced on clarification of the characteristic of China marketand the product localization in the market which is benefit to the trainees to integrate the information of market and products for a market orientation purpose.


All the representative, technical manager and marketing manager of the companies in feed import business are welcome.

Topics and presenter

Time Topic Presenter From
September 25 1: Welcome Speech Ming Sun, Vice Director National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center
2: Laws and Policies for the feed import registration Ying Ma, Vice Section Chief Feed Section, Animal Science Department, Ministry of Agriculture
3: Requirement of the documents for feed import and new feed products Xia Fan, PhD Feed Section, Animal Science Department, Ministry of Agriculture
4: Notification of "Feed Label" Xiangming Li, Professor Ministry of Agriculture Feed Quality Monitor and Evaluation Center (Jinan)
5: Localization of China Market; marketing experience and considers on imported feed(additive) Ruohan Zhang, PhD Basf (China) Limit. Corp, Senior Manager
September 26 6: General view of design of the safety and efficiency evaluation process (standard) of imported feed Limin Gong, Professor Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Center
7: Category, amount and trend of imported feed in recent year Pingtao Kong, Senior Engineer Association of China Animal Science and Veterinary, Market Information Department
8: Primary requirement on imported feed quality and interpretation of the analysis of the domestic tolerant error Yanhu Yu, Professor Huazhong Agriculture University
9: Interactive question time


Meeting duration: From Sept 25 to Sept 26
Registration time: AM 8:00-9:00 on Sept 25


Beijing Guangxi Tower(#26 Huaweili Panjiayuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Tel: 010-67796688 )

Registration Fee

1600yuan/people (include registration, training, materials, and meal)
Please arrange accomdation by yourself since the workshop will happen during VIV
Payment: Registration fee needs to be paid in advance by post office wire transfer. The due date is Sept 20th. Our officer will contact you to confirm the successful payment once the payment receipt is faxed to 010-62829399.
Receiver: (Beijing Longkefangzhou Biotechnology Center)
Account Bank: (Agriculture Bank Beijing Haidian Branch, Yuanmingyuan Agency)
Account NM:052701040002032


National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center: Jiandong Zhang - (13810145519); Meifang Wang - (13641242350)
Tel:010-62829803/62829399(fax) - Email:[email protected]

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