BPEX scheme raises AI quality standard

by 5m Editor
20 September 2006, at 9:51am

UK - AI has undoubtedly taken off in the pig sector in the last few years, but how can you be sure the semen you're using is the best quality? Well until now pig farmers have had to rely on AI companies assurances.

But now, the launch of BPEX's AI Quality Standard means farmers can be assured the semen arriving on their farms is of the highest quality possible and regularly checked.

BPEX AI programme manager Angela Cliff told a briefing last week that every step in the semen collection, freezing, storage and distribution chain had been evaluated and a standard formulated for AI studs to work to.

"Issues such as collection pen hygiene and transporting semen to the stud lab have been addressed to ensure semen reaches the lab in good condition."

After that, all further steps have also been verified, with standards put in place for these too, including semen quality assessment, extender preparation, semen dilution and storage, she explained.

Source: FWi

5m Editor