Pigs regularly fed illegal chemical

by 5m Editor
19 September 2006, at 10:31am

CHINA - Many farmers in Zhejiang Province illegally feed their pigs a toxic chemical that could be dangerous to humans if they eat the animals, it has emerged.

The revelation comes after more than 300 people were poisoned when they ate pork products containing the chemical, called clenbuterol.

Since September 13, Shanghai hospitals have reported a large number of patients poisoned by bad-quality pork, which resulted in the city's largest clenbuterol poisoning case. A total of 336 people were affected.

All the patients have now left hospital following treatment and there have been no new cases.

Local media reported the illegally practice of feeding pigs clenbuterol is a popular on many pig farms of East China's Zhejiang.

Source: ChinaDaily

5m Editor