British pigs loved in Russia

by 5m Editor
26 June 2007, at 3:50pm

Business is booming for British pig breeders at Agrofarm, Russia's first agricultural trade show.

The British Pig Executive (BPEX), the British Pig Association (BPA) along with a number of British-based pig breeding and genetics companies were at the event in Moscow.

BPEX Export Manager Jean-Pierre Garnier also organised a technical conference which was followed by a reception at the British embassy.

J-P said: "The conference was very well attended by the media, producers, commercial companies and representatives of trade associations. "The level of interest shown was very high. We have made plenty of good contacts to increase the amount of business in Russia. "Russia is a very important market for breeding stock from Britain and it is growing fast."

The three-day show was the first of its type organised in Russia.

5m Editor