Swift to get new CEO once Brazilian sale is complete

by 5m Editor
26 June 2007, at 9:06am

US - Swift & Co. will have a new president once the sale to a Brazilian company is finalised.

Wesley Mendonça Batista will take the presidency and become chief executive officer and a director, once of Swift's sale to J&F Participações S.A. is complete next month. He takes over from Sam Rovit, who has been in the position since July 2005.

Sean McHugh, spokesman for Swift, said Batista intends to relocate to northern Colorado.

Greeley Mayor Tom Selders said he wasn't surprised by the announcement. His concerns of what might happen to the company's headquarters were certainly eased with the announcement that Batista intends to move to northern Colorado from Brazil, he said.

The announced sale in May raised concerns about the future of the headquarters, which former Mayor Jerry Wones, with the help of Selders and others, worked hard to keep in Greeley, Selders said.

"We sure don't want to lose the corporate structure of the company," Selders said.

Source: TheTribune

5m Editor