Beijing sets up committee to study supply of live pigs

by 5m Editor
12 July 2007, at 8:26am

BEIJING - Beijing has set up a special committee to study the supply of live pigs to Hong Kong and to guarantee their quality, as well as a stable supply.

According to Wang Xinpei, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, members of the body have gone to Shenzhen to consider various options for opening up the live pigs market for the SAR, now monopolised by mainland-backed Ng Fung Hong.

Wang said live pig supplies to Hong Kong have returned to normal - with 4,800 pigs a day from both the mainland and the SAR itself.

Hong Kong Pork Traders General Association vice chairman Hui Wai-kin welcomed the mainland's move.

Hui said Guangnan - another major mainland-backed conglomerate operating in Hong Kong - stands a good chance of being appointed the SAR's second fresh pork importer after the mainland authorities have given the green light.

At present, Guangnan and Ng Fung Hong are the only two agents appointed by the ministry to supply live pigs from the mainland. Guangnan currently commands less than 20 percent of the local supply of live pigs from Guangdong province, while Ng Fung Hong, which holds 80 percent of the supply market, imports pork from all over China.

However, Guangnan does not hold an import license, and its live pigs have to be sold to local buyers through Ng Fung Hong.

Source: The Standard

5m Editor