New research seeks to control Glässer's disease in pigs

by 5m Editor
16 July 2007, at 10:10am

AUSTRALIA - Trials to combat outbreaks of the devastating Glässer's disease in pigs are being conducted as part of a three-year project being conducted by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

Glässer's disease is a major threat to Australia's multi-million dollar pork industry.

DPI&F research scientist, Dr Conny Turni, says it is a debilitating illness that can cause sudden death in affected animals, taking up to 10pc of all animals affected in an outbreak.

Newly weaned pigs can be severely affected through septicaemia, pneumonia, weight loss and arthritis.

"However, there are encouraging signs the disease may be better contained thanks to the work of some of the State's most eminent scientific researchers," Dr Turni said.

"In America a controlled exposure concept has been developed, which relies on using all disease strains found on the farm in a live vaccine.

"We have taken the controlled exposure method one step further by using one strain on an individual farm of the organism causing Glässers disease."

Under this improved method, a live vaccine adapted to each individual farm, is being trialled on two major piggeries and will be available to the pig industry following testing.

Source: North Queensland Register

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