Another hearing planned on hog farm proposal

by 5m Editor
17 September 2007, at 10:37am

US - Part of the discussion at a recent hearing on a proposed 4,400-head hog farm in Peach Bottom Township focused on the disposal of hog carcasses.

Mark Thomas, who lives in Peach Bottom Township next to a 400-hog farm at 458 Gemmill Road owned by David Gemmill, said at a recent hearing on the proposal that he was concerned about improper disposal of hog carcasses.

Gemmill's proposal would allow his farm to house 4,400 hogs owned by Hershey Ag of Lancaster in a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO).

Gemmill first brought the proposal to the board in January, and it has been the subject of several hearings. The next is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, at the Delta Senior Center, 5 Pendyrus St.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, at Thomas's request, investigated carcass disposal last month and found one carcass at the farm, according to department officials.

Source: TheYorkDispatch

5m Editor