Feral Hog Update: Workshop in Robert Lee

by 5m Editor
31 October 2007, at 9:33am

TEXAS - Co-operative Extension offices in Coke and Sterling counties have teamed up to present a “Feral Hog Appreciation Day,“ on 12 November.

A number of Texas Department of Agriculture continuing education units will be offered: three general, two integrated pest management and one and a half laws and regulations.

“Feral hogs are a growing menace across much of our area, and until recently, we haven’t had much of a problem here,” said Tommy Antilley, Extension agent for Coke County. “That’s all changing now as evidenced by the increasing number of hog calls we are getting these days.

“These appreciation days have been held around the state to bring landowners and managers up to date on what is happening in their particular area. Now it’s our turn, because we have feral hogs here now. Unfortunately, once you have them, they are all but impossible to get rid of. Our aim is to teach producers what tools are available to help them cope with this new factor on our ranges.”

The workshop takes place at 8.00 am, 12 November 2007, at the Robert Lee Recreational Hall, County Park.

Source: AgNews

5m Editor