Pork Facing Problems

by 5m Editor
19 December 2007, at 9:02am

CANADA - The cattle industry isn’t the only one feeling the economic downswing; pork producers have also found that a rising dollar, coupled with the soaring labour and feed prices have all lowered their bottom line. With the industry facing hardships, there has been some local changes.

According to Alberta Pork, within the past three years many of the factors that once made the Alberta livestock feeding industry competitive have changed dramatically. Even though Alberta's pork producers are some of the most innovative and efficient in the world, the global price decline for hogs means Alberta producers are losing up to $50 per hog. The net result is that many producers are exiting the industry.

"Alberta's pork producers were already facing huge economic hurdles, and now the strong Canadian dollar, without a corresponding readjustment of input costs, is literally the straw that is breaking the camel's back," said Paul Hodgeman, executive director of Alberta Pork. "We had two choices - do nothing and watch our industry wither, or be proactive and find a way to rebuild our industry for the future. We have chosen the latter."

Alberta Pork, in consultation with industry stakeholders, has drafted a recovery plan as a vision for the future.

Source: MayerthorpeFreelancer

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