Expo Tour Leads to Exports

by 5m Editor
28 January 2008, at 10:07am

PHILIPPINES - Co-ordination between the National Swine Registry and the local Philippine hog industry during a World Pork Expo Tour has resulted in imports of about $450,000 worth of live breeding swine and semen from the US since last year.

A shipment of 230 breeding swine from the US valued at an estimated $270,000 arrived in the Philippines on 8 January.

The imported live breeding swine were:

  • 16 Landrace Boars
  • 73 Landrace Gilts
  • 16 Yorkshire Boars
  • 74 Yorkshire Gilts
  • 20 Duroc Boars
  • 31 Duroc Gilts
Before this shipment, 109 purebred breeding swine valued at $152,000 in addition to an estimated $30,000 worth of hog semen were imported from the US and arrived during July and August last year.

The live swine and semen imports are the result of Post’s assistance in organising and facilitating arrangements for a 50-plus Philippine tour group to World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, in June last year.

Post worked closely with the National Swine Registry in packaging the tour, which included an orientation and educational tour of US hog farms in Iowa shortly before the World Pork Expo.