Hogs From Canada at Record High

by 5m Editor
19 February 2008, at 9:27am

US - Canadian pig imports still continue to flood into the US and the volume is high enough to have an impact on US pork production numbers and prices, says Department of Agriculture Outlook Board Chairman Gerry Bange.

Reports in American Agriculturalist say that 10.8 million animals are expected to cross the border this year, which would be a record

"Evidently the slaughter plants in Canada are having various difficulties associated with labor and inefficiencies because of the smaller size of their plants," said Bange

Profits for Canadian hog producers are getting smaller due to escalating feed costs - producers there have to import more grains from the US which is proving costly. Mr Bange says a lot of animals are coming to the United States to try and off-set Canada's feed demand and balance the economics. This is resulting in a bigger pork production number for the US.

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5m Editor