Industry-wide Opposition to User Fees

by 5m Editor
21 February 2008, at 9:44am

US - AMI along with 28 other food and agricultural groups have sent a letter to all members of the House and Senate opposing 'user fees'.

The feed have been proposed by USDA to pay for meat, poultry and egg products inspection.

The letter says that these 'new food safety taxes' will be charged directly to the meat, poultry and egg products sector, which in turn will be forced to pass the additional cost to tax-paying consumers. The proposal to transform government-funded food safety inspection into an additional fee system provides less accountability for the government to manage program costs, results or efficiencies.

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The letter also states that food safety taxes would put meat, poultry and egg products at a competitive disadvantage in the domestic and international marketplace, compared with other foods and imported products that are not subject to such charges.

The collaborative group says no farm or industry organisation supports user fees and is urging Congress to continue to oppose the proposals.

5m Editor