Swine Flu Monitoring Important for Farm Workers

by 5m Editor
12 February 2008, at 12:00pm

CANADA - University of Alberta researchers have called for the monitoring of workers on pig farms as part of influenza pandemic preparedness, saying that a child was diagnosed with swine flu in 2006 on a communal farm in Canada.

The researchers say that the fact that the seven-month-old boy made a full recovery is not enough to appease them because there are evidence that the virus had spread to other members of the multi-family community, even though they demonstrated mild or no apparent illness.

It is also well-known that avian and swine strains of flu can spread to humans, with avian strains appearing to be more dangerous than swine strains.

The research team has revealed that 54 of the 90 people on the farm were tested for positivity to the flu strain, though to be of swine origin.

They say that besides the baby boy, four of seven other household members and four of 46 other people living on the farm tested positive. The strain of flu was also detected in one of 10 young pigs on the farm, they add.

Source: ThaindianNews

5m Editor