EU Pig Prices: Sideways Movement

by 5m Editor
26 March 2008, at 9:40am

EU - This week, the EU slaughter pig market does not appear to move that much. The Easter holiday does not appear to have caused any slump in productivity or demand and overall a sideways movement has been seen in quotations.

Supplies of slaughter pigs are said to be sufficient across the EU.

However, in the Netherlands, supply could not completely be released by the slaughter companies before Easter. Furthermore, meat business trade during the Holy Week did not reach expectations.

Only France continues to raise prices, a trend see during the past few weeks, and has created a one cent increase. But it is adamant that the price increase was as a result of a more constant demand for live pigs. Trend: The sideways movement of pig prices will have little impact. The trend has been observed in almost all EU member states and the general opinion is that quotations will go increasing before too long.

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5m Editor