Exports Ban Aims to Steady Market

by 5m Editor
17 March 2008, at 9:49am

THAILAND - A ban on pig exports, in a bid to reduce rising domestic pork prices, could be enforced in Thailand. Numerous media reports hinted at the move during the weekend after Commerce Minister Mingkwan Sangsuwan, a member of the People Power Party (PPP) announced the plan last Friday.

Mingkwan claimed the ban was necessary to help halt the illegal smuggling of pigs and pork products to neighbouring countries Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, where prices are considerably higher than in Thailand.

"A report in Earthtimes The movement of pigs will require official approval and there will be a ban on exports," said Mingkwan, who since taking on the post of commerce minister has imposed several measures aimed at reducing food prices for the domestic market, which is battling high inflationary pressure due to rising production costs caused by escalating fuel and feedmeal prices.

The announced export ban has raised immediate criticism from Thailand's pig farmers, who supply an estimated 40,000 pigs to the domestic market daily.

"It's a political-style solution without taking into account the entire structure of the industry and all stakeholders," Swine Raisers Association secretary Kiddivong Sombuntham told the Bangkok Post.

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5m Editor