Houston's Message: Retailers Please Help Avert Further Crisis

by 5m Editor
3 March 2008, at 12:24pm

UK - In a letter to supermarket chiefs today BPEX and NPA chairman Stewart Houston says most of the supply chain now recognises the appalling situation everyone in the pig industry is in.

But a dire situation is unfolding and unless solutions are found quickly to the shakeout that is currently taking place in the national pig herd, prospects for the UK industry and their customers could be even worse.

Unless there is a positive upwards movement in the pig price very soon, contraction of the national herd will accelerate. And Mr Houston is asking retailers to support tomorrow's rally in London. Respond to the messages it sends out, he pleads.

"Our key message is that higher pig prices now will prevent a crisis of supply availability towards the end of the year. We urgently need you to pass price increases down the chain to producers."

5m Editor