Price Relief Forecast for Pork Producers

by 5m Editor
4 March 2008, at 2:33pm

AUSTRALIA - Pork producers will get some welcome relief from low returns and competition from imports in 2008-09 with prices tipped to rise by 7 per cent, the ABARE Outlook '08 conference in Canberra has heard today.

ABARE says sale yard prices for pigs will average 250c/kg next financial year because of lower domestic production, a slight reduction in imports and less competition from beef.

But the respite will be short-lived, with the recent downward trend in industry fortunes to return in the medium term.

Sale yard prices are forecast to decline to 234c/kg (in 2007-08 dollars) by 2012-13.

ABARE predicts domestic pigmeat production will slide by 4 per cent, to 375,000 tonnes in 2008-09.

Local pork output is likely to stay at around this level for the following four years, with breeding sow numbers tipped to stay around 280,000 for the period.

Australia’s pork exports are predicted to fall by 5 per cent, to 40,000 tonnes next financial year.

Then they're forecast to keep declining to hit a forecast 34,000 by 2012-03.

Source: North Queensland Register

5m Editor