Grampian's Position Needs to be Sorted, says Industry

by 5m Editor
15 April 2008, at 4:08pm

SCOTLAND - The crisis stricken Scottish pork industry has called for a quick end to the sale process for Grampian Country Food Group. It claims that the uncertainty over its future is adding to the suffering of the sector, writes Steven Vass.

In his article for Scotland's Sunday Herald, he says the process of selling the pig processing company at Broxburn, West Lothian is believed to have already lasted for nine months and it now needs to be resolved.

Philip Sleigh, northeast representative for the National Farmers Union, said that the company had been "squeezing" pork purchase prices in its abattoir - which is the only pig plant in Scotland. It was trying to make the plant profitable to coincide with the sale.

"We are not getting a fair crack of the whip at Broxburn because they are trying make it look like something worth buying. They are not being as kind to us as they otherwise might be," said Mr Sleigh.

Gordon McKen, managing director of Scottish Pig Producers, a cooperative that represents nearly two-thirds of pig farmers, said that Grampian is in the position where it has got to make the books look good.

"Producers are haemorrhaging money and need our prices up, so Grampian's efforts have made it quite difficult," he explained.

The calls came as pig producers launched a separate bitter attack against the supermarkets for not recognising the pressure on margins following grain price rises that have driven many farmers out of business.

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5m Editor