Hog Producers Quitting

by 5m Editor
21 April 2008, at 12:39pm

ONTARIO - As the crisis in the Hog Industry worsens, a lot of producers are considering getting out of the business.

President of the Canadian Port Council, Clare Schlegel says there is a lot of interest in a 50 million dollar federal Cull Breeding Swine Program that began last Monday.

Speaking on Radio Owen Sound, she said the program will pay farmers 225 dollars per head to cull their breeding herds and empty their barns for three years.

Schlegel says with the high value of the Canadian Dollar, high price for feed and low prices for Hogs many producers want out and this government program is the chance for them to exit the business.

He says the high dollar means U.S. pork is cheaper and a lot of that is flooding the Canadian Market, hurting local producers.

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5m Editor