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Juggling - Key Skills for Pig Unit Management

by 5m Editor
18 April 2008, at 1:18pm

UK - Managers from across the South West's pig industry were posed a huge challenge at a recent staff development workshop. They were asked to do some juggling - quite literally.

Learning to juggle - a key skill for good pig unit management

This was the first task in what proved to be stimulating and informative day on how to motivate worker and get the best out of staff.

For many mangers in the pig industry the problem is finding the time for effective training, for others it is simply that their staff work much better under direct supervision. Either way, it reduces efficiency

The key points to that came out of the workshop were the importance of setting good standards of practice, setting realistic targets, creating action plans, coaching and encouragement, and holding one to one meetings with staff members to understand them better and monitor their performance. Setting realistic targets can also help new staff understand quickly what is required of them.


Juggling aside, everyone attending the day's event agreed it was worthwhile and had given them some useful insights into how to develop and look after staff. Andy Mitchell owner of Budeford Estates Ltd, a 600 sow unit said he'd never done anything like this before.

"It has been a real eye opener. It has given me lots of useful tips and I will definitely be putting them into practice on my unit," he said

Ernie Dymond, owner of 700 sows in Cornwall, said the day was very rewarding.

"I have been in pigs all my life and we have been trained on many things, this is the first time staff training has been offered and organised and is has been excellent."

The workshop was one of several BPEX is running across the country. It was part of a series run by Cedar Associates at Topsham, Devon and Bodmin, Cornwall.

To find out about future workshops or if you would like more information about staff development Telephone BPEX's Helen Thoday on 07973 701202 or Tess Howe on 07779 321078.

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