Pig Company Share Boost as Prices Rally

by 5m Editor
9 April 2008, at 11:13am

UK - Premium sausage producer Cranswick saw its share value increase after announcing it would pass on rising costs to its customers.

According to the Driffield Times, the Yorkshire-based company said it was now achieving price increases in the primary processing part of the business which will help offset its increasing raw material costs due to higher commodity prices and the strong €.

Pig prices have increased by 20 per cent over the past six months, as a result of the higher price of pig feed and Cranswick is now passing on higher input prices to customers in fresh pork," said Martin Davey, company chairman.

"We are in discussions with customers to pass on higher costs for our other activities which include ham, cooked meat, bacon, sausages and charcuterie," he added.

On Monday Cranswick's shares closed up nearly six per cent, a rise of 31p to 564.5p. However, they were still considerably lower than the 769p seen in January, before the group announced it was struggling to pass on higher raw material costs.

View the Driffield Times story by clicking here.

5m Editor