Aborigine Piggery Economically Viable

by 5m Editor
3 July 2008, at 10:51am

AUSTRALIA - A community of Aborigines in Santa Teresa is pleased to announce the addition of six new piglets to its greenhorn piggery.

According to ABC, the Central Australian desert herd has been providing work for the local indigenous workforce for a year, but high fuel prices are making it expensive to transport and get feed for the animals.

Despite this, project leader Mark Lemon is confident the piggery can be economically viable if it triples its current pig numbers.

"Even if it's not economically viable, it's still teaching them a routine of getting up in the morning, coming down to the pigs, doing their cages, feeding them, watering them, doing a breeding program," he says.

And the six new piglets take the size of the herd to 18.

View the ABC story by clicking here.

5m Editor