NEW: The Pig Journal Index Volumes 1-60

by 5m Editor
3 July 2008, at 11:15pm

UK - The updated index of the Pig Journal volumes 1-60 (1976-2007), which has been kindly brought together by Stan Done and Sarah Brown of the VLA, is quite unique.

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The Index is dedicated to four great servants and teachers of the Pig Veterinary Society, Mike Muirhead, Dick Penny, Richard Potter and John Walton.

Uniquely, it includes 145 colour photos of various pig conditions from the photographic libraries of these great clinicians. They cover Actinobacillosis to Whey bloat. There are a few other delightful surprises in the text as well, reflecting the author's own deep sense of humour, which will keep you amused.

For ease of use, it is divided into three main sections: - the individual Journals and their contents, Subject Index by author and journal and Author Index by subject and journal. This makes cross referencing very easy.


  • Editorial and Production Team
  • Editorial
  • Volume Contents
  • Other Publications
  • Subject Index
  • Author Index
  • Index to Figures
  • Acknowledgements
  • A Word From Our Sponsors
  • Notes and Guidance for Authors
Copies of the Index are available at £15.00 and Individual papers - abstracts of which can be viewed on-line at - are available through our Reference Request Service at £10.00.

How to order

You have two options to order the Index, Journals and CD's:

  1. Complete and fax the Manual Order Form
  2. Online via ThePigJournal Shop

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