Manitoba Expands Compulsory Coverage by WCB

by 5m Editor
29 August 2008, at 8:29am

CANADA - The Manitoba government has announced it will expand compulsory coverage by Workers Compensation to an addition 30 thousand workers, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Effective January 1, 2009 the Manitoba government will extend mandatory coverage of employees by the Workers Compensation Board to include a wide range of industries from advertising and marketing to veterinary services including farms and farm service industries.

The changes are the result of a public review of the Workers Compensation Act which recommended coverage of workplaces be extended.

Labour and Immigration Minister Nancy Allan, the minister responsible for the Workers Compensation Board, says WCB coverage provides advantages for all involved.

Nancy Allan-Manitoba Minister of Labour and Immigration

The WCB insurance system is historic here in Manitoba because it provides workers with benefits and salary replacement and it also provides employers immunity from legal suites so it really benefits both employers and workers.

So we will be extending coverage to about 30 thousand more workers and about 7,500 additional employers here in the province of Manitoba.

One of the largest industry sectors is the agricultural industry.

We do have some coverage in the ag sector but we have discovered that there are about 4,600 employers that don't have WCB coverage so that is an important industry sector for us because they are at risk of injuries in that sector.

Family members employed on the farm will be exempt from the requirement but will be eligible for WCB coverage on a voluntary basis.

Allan says the province plans to consult with agricultural producers and their commodity organizations to clarify the definition of family member so we know specifically who will be excluded.

5m Editor