BPEX: Roadshow to Recognise and Reward Butchers

by 5m Editor
29 September 2008, at 9:18am

UK - Butchers in the East of England have kicked started the new season of regional roadshows in style with over 60 products entered for evaluation.

The first of the 2008/2009 Regional Roadshow and Product Evaluation Events, organised by BPEX Ltd, was held in Peterborough earlier this week. BPEX welcomed butchers from across the region to the East of England Showground in what was the beginning of seven separate stops around the country.

Alison, director at Maloney Country Butchers and Bakers Ltd - a family business with three stores trading for over 25 years - was elated with the results. She said: “The staff here all work so hard and every single one of them had some input to the products we selected and put forward for evaluation, so we’re all absolutely thrilled!

“These awards reinforce the fact that we produce top quality products which will certainly help to build customer confidence at a time when the economy is so gloomy. The Chicken & Ham Pie has only been on sale for around a year and I was hoping that it might just achieve a gold award, so you can imagine how delighted we were when it took Category Champion and then Overall Champion! A couple of our products were only one mark away from reaching the maximum score in the judging, so you could say they are pretty perfect!“

Also making an impact on the judges was a father and son duo from Bradwell Butchery, from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, who entered an impressive total of 11 products, walking away as Category Champion in no less than four categories including the hugely popular ‘Young Sausage Maker’ category. Aspiring young butcher Ryan Edmonds triumphed with his ‘Beef, Beer and Horseradish Sausage,’ while his father Andrew, claimed three other category title wins with his ‘Mediterranean Lamb Sausage,’ ‘Hand Raised Pork Pie’ and ‘Smoked Back Bacon.’

Ryan, a 17 year-old college student who is planning to join the family business after his studies, said: “I have been helping my dad out in the shop for a couple of years and really enjoy butchery, so I’m looking forward to joining the business. My younger sister was actually awarded the Young Sausage Maker title last year, so I knew I had to submit a product that would match hers and luckily it did!“

His father Andrew added: “It such a great achievement for Ryan, myself and all the other staff who have helped to produce such wonderful products. The highlight for me though was triumphing with the ‘Hand Raised Pork Pie.’ We entered it for evaluation last year and won a gold award but the judges made a comment about the pastry and it got me thinking. So we altered the pastry recipe and also started making our own pork lard to see if that would make a difference, and it did! It really goes to show that the constructive criticism you get from the judges does help and is invaluable.“

BPEX butchery and product development manager, Keith Fisher, said “What a great start to the latest season of roadshows. Our congratulations go to all the category champions who once again have entered products to an exceptional standard. Those products that achieve silver awards and above really are the crème de la crème of the butchery trade and deserve recognition.

“Independent butchers work extremely hard and the roadshow is an opportunity to recognise and reward such commitment in what can be an extremely tough industry. What’s more it great to see so many young people taking an interest in butchery and joining the trade. Young Sausage Maker, Ryan Edmonds, demonstrated great skill and must get special praise for his ‘Beef, Beer and Horseradish Sausage,’ – so well done to him!“

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