Nedap Technology to Boost Pork Production

by 5m Editor
12 September 2008, at 2:22pm

CHINA - As Beijing Olympic Games started in August 2008, Taifeng Livestock, the Chinese dealer of Nedap Velos Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF), finished China’s first installation in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. This is a project of 1,200 sow unit which includes 15 sow feed stations and 12 heat detection units.

In this project, the farm is divided into 3 completely separated sections. Each section is a small unit of 400 sows, and is equipped with 1 Nedap Velos Electronic Sow Feeding system which includes 4 heat detection units and 5 sow feed stations.

In 5 static groups the feeding stations provide individual feeding for 50 sows.

Nedap Velos ESF combines animal friendly group housing for gestating sows with feed savings trough individual feeding. By automating predictable routines, labor is being reduced.

In China’s evolutionary pork industry, Nedap Velos ESF system will definitely enhance pigs’ welfare, increase productivity of entire industry and improve livestock management level in China. At the end of August 2008 China’s first batch of gilts have been introduced to this innovatory livestock management system. Finishing China’s first installation is only a start of the wonderful adventure for Nedap Velos ESF system in China, which is just like Beijing Olympics.

The Nedap Velos heat detector which provides attention and marking of all sows on heat is used for two reasons. Firstly it detects the occurrence of returning sows. Secondly at this farm it is used as a tool for detecting the heat in weaned sows.