Hypor Records Broken in South Korea

SOUTH KOREA - More evidence that the Hypor sow is a good producer world over ... results from the first locally born litters in Korea have broken Hypor’s own records.
calendar icon 11 October 2008
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In the first litter, a Large White GGP gilt had a total born of 18, and the 16 piglets born alive were all good sucklers and did very well. Overall, the first batch (27 litters) had an average of 11.5 weaned piglets per litter and the second batch (31 litters) had an average of 11.7 weaned piglets per litter. This exceeded the expectations for these first litters in South Korea.

The sows arrived in February 2008 from Hypor’s Bon Accord farm in Canada to a FarmsWorld GGP, Easy Bio farm in Young Kwang Cty, Chonla-Nam-Do province in South Korea. Easy Bio System Inc. is one of Korea’s large agri-businesses, with nine pig farms including nucleus and multiplication and partners farms with a total of 20,000 sows.

The success with these first litters is evidence of Hypor’s strong breeding program combined with good management in the barn. Hypor’s Weaning Capacity program uses genetic potential to maximize the weight of piglets weaned and pork sold per sow productive lifetime. This means that the focus is on the sow’s productive lifetime and her return to the producer, instead of on focussing only on characteristics such as total number born. In addition, management of the gilt up to the time she weans her first litter has a major influence on lifetime productivity.

Easy Bio is also taking advantage of the BioHypor program which uses the latest technology to maintain quality through breeding. Under this closed herd program, Hypor supplies frequent semen delivery from superior boars, breeding values and use of farm software and sow management programs. The Easy Bio nucleus is a part of the worldwide Hypor database for Bio-Hypor which gathers information/data on performances of Hypor Purelines all over the world.

In the meantime, Easy Bio continues to increase the Hypor genetics through AI in its herd with another 50 Durocs delivered from Canada in August 2008, and another delivery scheduled for November 2008.

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