JSR Sets Future Commercial Production Targets

by 5m Editor
24 October 2008, at 4:15pm

UK - JSR Genetics has developed a number of targets to drive its commercial herd in the coming years.

The following targets will drive the key developments within the commercial herd of JSR over the next three years.

25 Pigs Sold per Sow 325 kg Saleable Meat per Tonne of Rearing Feed
Average of 11.4 pigs weaned per sow To improve our feed efficiency by at least 8%
To maintain pre-weaning mortalities at 10.5% or less despite increasing born alive Optimise weaning weights without compromising reproductive efficiency (26-day weaning)
Post-weaning mortality from herds in Yorkshire of 7% or less with the minimum use of vaccines and antibiotics Selection of sire line to optimise efficient output from the individual environments
Improved health to minimise challenge to the breeding herd Improve nutrient density by 6% to optimise genetic potential
Use of the genotype to deliver the highest number of weaned pigs Improved health to aid efficient growth, reduce mortalities and utilise the most efficient sire line
Average weaning age of 26 days for optimum reproductive performance Investment in facilities to deliver target feed efficiency and growth

The directors of JSR are very happy to discuss these developments in detail. If you wish to find out more or arrange a meeting, please contact Beverley Gibson on 01377 227799 or [email protected].

5m Editor