Danes Told to Seek Opportunities Elsewhere

by 5m Editor
3 November 2008, at 1:02pm

DENMARK - Danish pig producers should use their expertise to set up units elsewhere in the world and thus avoid being milked at home for liquidity, says Kent Skaanning, former president of the Association of Danish Pig Producers.

He suggests that Vladivostok, for instance, would be a good base to set up production and from there to supply the nearby market in Japan. It makes more sense than producing the pigs in Denmark, he says.

By adopting a global view Danish producers could use their skills to double, maybe even triple or quadruple production, says Kent Skaanning— something that cannot be done in “little Denmark“ because there isn’t enough space.

He says those producers who remain in Denmark will have to live from an expanded home market in North Europe, a process that will signal change for Denmark’s co-operatively owned slaughterhouses.

5m Editor