Nedap Extending Invitations to Pig Sector

by 5m Editor
19 November 2008, at 3:41pm

GLOBAL - There is no better way to have a trade fair than like it was in Hannover, Germany from November 11th to the 14th of this year. With 130,000 visitors in four days and over 1500 exhibitors, the EuroTier is the place to be for anybody who takes animal production seriously.

And so was Nedap, presenting her full product range on Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF). It was a product that received a lot of attention from the visitors - not just European farmers looking for efficient ways to comply with the welfare legislation for sows that becomes active as of 2012. Globally, there is an increasing interest in this product that combines low investment in housing equipment with an efficient feed use and accurate individual sow management.

At the EuroTier, Nedap supported this interest by showing her presence worldwide. On-screen visitors could enjoy an overview of 7 Nedap ESF installations worldwide. The sales force of Nedap and her representatives from all over the world were available to welcome the interested pig breeders from any place.

Many existing and potential customers welcomed the innovative novelties on display. Nedap Velos now allow full operation by touch screen or PDA. The ESF station has been equipped with a manual operation, allowing farm staff to drop feed or control the feeding process at any time. Typical Nedap: all with one button.

Nedap is not just extending her possibilities for system control within the pig house. Shortly, any Nedap ESF installation can send system attentions to several e-mail addresses.

Nedap provides full services for this, all that has to be provided is an e-mail address.

A step further in automated farm management is the V-Sow track. As from now at any place in the farm, sow movement can be tracked and will be processed in the farm software. Mistakes are eliminated, working lists stay up to date and time is saved.

The huge interest in the Nedap Velos stand in Hannover promises a continuing growth for the company and her business partners worldwide.