Nedap Secures Future with Modern Technology

by 5m Editor
6 November 2008, at 2:15pm

RUSSIA - Pig farmers in Russia are facing challenges known to the industry worldwide: increasing feed prices, continuous search for qualified staff and a demand for a high quality product.

At the same time they are challenged to make one of the biggest leaps in production known to recent history. The recent boom in Russian economy, combined with a strong will to become self sufficient in agricultural production, are giving a strong impulse to the production of pork.

Nedap Velos
Nedap Velos
Nedap Velos

As many investors in pig production, Mr. Kuzmichev Andrey Vitalyevich has carefully chosen his production method to meet his targets in return on investment. On his farm in Ivankovo village, Ivanovskaya region (350 km north east of Moscow) he has implemented Nedap Velos feed stations to manage his pregnant sows.

The Slavyanka farm, a 200 head farm implemented in new buildings, can rely on 4 Nedap feed station to supply the correct feed amount to each individual sow. A separation unit separates sows about to farrow. The final step in labour saving is the automatic heat detection, colour marking any sow returning into heat. This is saving labour intensive checking by staff.

Not only supply the Nedap feed stations an economic way of modernizing relatively sober buildings. They also prepare the farm for future demands in feeding strategy, i.e. multiple feed types. In addition group housed sows satisfy concerns of consumers regarding animal welfare. Nedap’s Russian dealer Agrotorg supplied planning and installation to the Slavyanka pig farm.