Spiral Filter Press an Innovation

by 5m Editor
7 November 2008, at 10:22am

GERMANY - Big Dutchman says its spiral filter press, OptiSep, is a milestone in the development of separators for liquid manure.

OptiSep: A milestone in the development of separators for liquid manure

The company explains that contrary to conventional systems, the new filter press separates solids and liquids extremely reliably at a cut point of just 0.1mm.

Another novelty is that instead of the usual horizontally arranged spiral shafts, the spiral of OptiSep runs vertically. This means it does not work against any resistance, reducing energy consumption and making leakage of unseparated slurry is a thing of the past.

Furthermore, the spiral filter press can be adapted inexpensively if the installation is to be enlarged. The Big Dutchman innovation can also be used to separate very thin liquid manures such as slurry from sows. OptiSep is composed of few components and is robust and insensitive to disturbances.

The spiral filter press has a pending patent.