Clearance to Conclude Negotiations with Producers

by 5m Editor
20 December 2008, at 5:57pm

IRELAND - The European Commission has cleared the way for a conclusion of negotiations with pig producers.

The Irish Farmers Union's National Pigs Committee chairman, Tim Cullinan, welcomed the significant announcement by the European Commission to provide co-funding for a disposal scheme for the pigs that have been blocked on farms due to the contamination of feedstuffs.

Mr. Cullinan said, "The EU formally adopted a storage scheme for pig meat this morning, however this disposal scheme is in addition to this. This disposal scheme is a market support measure to cover animals from the affected farms as well as certain pig meat stocks held in slaughterhouses.

He concluded, "As negotiations between the affected producers and the Department of Agriculture are reaching a significant point at this stage, this announcement sets in place a definite path to conclude talks."

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