Coles to Drive Aussie Pork Message

by 5m Editor
1 December 2008, at 8:17am

AUSTRALIA - Over the next few weeks Coles supermarkets will start to use distinctive labels to help Australian consumers more clearly identify and buy Australian pork.

Coles will display, the bright pink “Australian Pork” logo, on all fresh pork packaged for sale on supermarket shelves, which identifies pork that has been grown by Aussie pig farmers. In the lead up to Christmas consumers can expect to see the roll out of the label, logo pictured above left, on all Australian grown, fresh pork packages.

Australian Pork Limited (APL) Chief Executive Officer Andrew Spencer described Coles move as a “big step forward” for Australian pig farmers who have been lobbying government as well as working closely with retailers for clearer labelling on Australian grown pork products.

“Many consumers would not know, for example, that all fresh pork on retail shelves is in fact Australian grown. Having the distinctive “Australian Pork” logo on this packaging will drive that message home.”

Mr Spencer said it is important for consumers to know, that Coles in taking this step is leading the way in truly supporting Aussie pig farmers. That support is a much needed Christmas boost for our industry. Consumers should also know that we are also working hard to see if we can encourage better identification of Australian pork in the retail processed sectors of our supermarkets (ham, bacon and smallgoods); so watch that space.

And remember,” Mr Spencer said, “for Christmas, make sure you buy ham on the bone as that is definitely Aussie grown.”