HKScan CEO Kai Seikku Goes

by 5m Editor
8 January 2009, at 8:22am

FINLAND - The Chief Executive of Finnish pig meat company HK Scan, Kai Seikku, has been sacked.

A statement from the board fo diectors says: "HKScan Corporation’s Board of Directors has on this date (5 January) relieved CEO Kai Seikku of his duties."

Mr Seikku who has been working for the group since 2005 will leave the company immediately.

The Board of Directors has started the search for a new CEO and in the meantime, Matti Perkonoja will be acting CEO of HKScan Corporation in addition to serving as CFO.

The HKScan Group's business units in Finland, Sweden, the Baltics and Poland will continue to operate as usual.