QSM Anniversary: Gordon Ramsey Quote

by 5m Editor
29 January 2009, at 8:19am

UK - The following is a quote by Gordon Ramsey to BPEX on the 10th Anniversary of the QSM (Quality Standard Mark).

It goes without saying that I'm committed to using the best quality ingredients in all of our restaurants for all of our menus.

It's also more straightforward for people in my position to be able to demand the best and know that our suppliers are equally committed to those standards. For the general public, though, quality marks play a vital role in guaranteeing the quality of the products concerned.

In the case of British pork and pork products, there is the added confidence of knowing that animal welfare, production methods and quality control are amongst the highest possible when you see the Quality Standard Mark.

Therefore, I'd like to add my congratulations to BPEX on the 10th Anniversary of the Quality Standard Mark. And I'm especially pleased to be able to do so following the industry's very successful campaign - Pigs Are Worth It. It's important that the standards embraced by British producers are universally embraced and all of us in the supply chain have an important role to play in that regard.

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