ACMC Tip: Checking Out Scour Flare-ups

by 5m Editor
20 February 2009, at 12:19pm

UK - Many units periodically see cases of – and upsurges of – scour in the farrowing house.

But farmers and stockmen shouldn’t assume that this is always going to be caused by the same agents as in earlier batches, says Paul Thompson, veterinary consultant to pig-breeding company, ACMC Ltd.

He says it is also important to be aware that sensitivity to antibiotics can change over time. Any flare-up of scour should always be discussed with the farm’s vet. Lab work is particularly useful in this area.

If submitting samples farmers should remember to submit actual faeces as well as swabs and, if possible, to sample untreated fresh cases. If sending samples through the post it is important to follow Post Office regulations, he points out.