Investigation into Pig Deaths Launched

by 5m Editor
9 February 2009, at 7:50am

CHINA - The Government of north China's Shanxi province ran an investigation after 1,056 pigs were found dead in the Hongdong county, according to local authorities.

The dead pigs were in the Wan'an township of Hongdong, belonging to 65 households in 10 villages. About 80 per cent of the dead pigs were piglets born less than a month ago, said Qiao Yongsheng, vice head of the Hongdong county.

Samples were sent to the lab of Shanxi provincial center for animal disease control and prevention Friday.

Initial investigation found that some of the pigs died of eperythrogoonosis. Helminth and symptom of pneumonia were also found in the dead pigs.

A thorough inspection was carried out in the county.

According to Wang Zhijian, vice director of the Hongdong security bureau, 637 pigs were buried and 25 were burnt.

From the seven slaughter houses of the county, 30 sick pigs were checked out, said Jing Beiji, head of the Hongdong bureau of commerce.

To date, no contaminated pork has been discovered at supermarkets, markets or restaurants, said Shi Hongtao, head of the Hongdong bureau for industry and commerce, and Li Yongqi, head of the health bureau.