BPEX and EBLEX Strengthen Meat Export Team

by 5m Editor
20 March 2009, at 9:07am

GLOBAL - Two new agents have been appointed by EBLEX and BPEX to cover Spain and Germany.

Sonia Palomo is the agent for Spain, based in Madrid working on a part-time basis. Ms Polomo has a wealth of experience in the meat industry.

In Germany, Susanne Müllem is the new agent and she will also be working on a part time basis.

Ms Müllem worked in the EBLEX and BPEX export department in Milton Keynes for two years before returning to her native Germany.

Export Manager Jean-Pierre Garnier said: “Both Sonia and Susanne have great experience on which we can draw and they will both be able to make a valuable contribution to our work in Spain and Germany.”