Perfecting the Pig Environment

by 5m Editor
13 March 2009, at 8:42am

UK - Having dealt with environmental difficulties associated with pig housing in their book, published in 2005, Pig Environment Problems, a trio of industry specialists have taken the next step with Perfecting the Pig Environment, published by Nottingham University Press.

In this new book Paul Smith, Hugh Crabtree and Nick Bird describe proven monitoring techniques that can also interpret data and automatically make adjustments to environmental controls.

Perfecting the Pig Environment

Readers are led through a series of case studies from commercial pig farms in this book, which is intended for both industry professionals and students.

Explanations of the source of problems in pig buildings are provided in straightforward terms with accompanying graphics.

In particular the book makes much reference to IT devices already in usein other industries and speculates how these will increasingly be used to help pig farmers integrate with their food chain partners.

The book costs £28. You can order it by clicking here.

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