Quang Nam Province Ravaged by PRRS

by 5m Editor
5 March 2009, at 8:46am

VIET NAM - The People’s Committee of the central province of Quang Nam has officially declared the outbreak of blue-ear pig disease in the province and banned all transport, trade, slaughter and the consumption of pigs and pork products in the affected areas.

The provincial veterinary department reports that the disease had affected 1,287 pigs in 20 communes by 4 March with 1,185 pigs destroyed.

The epidemic is spreading quickly as pigs are usually raised on a small scale and in a scattered manner without using biologically safe methods or the stipulated vaccinations. Even now, pork is still being sold publicly in many affected areas, according to VOVNews.

Local agencies have implemented a number of measures such as setting up check-points which are on duty around the clock, erecting warning signs, and providing guidance to people to avoid places currently affected by the disease.

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