Workers Culling Pigs Complain of Headaches

by 5m Editor
5 March 2009, at 8:07am

PHILIPPINES - Authorities will try to complete the culling of 6,000 pigs infected with Ebola-Reston virus at a Pandi, Bulacan piggery by Friday.

As of Wednesday - day 4 of the culling - a total of 4,741 pigs were culled, reports ABS-CBN News.

"We hope to finish it by tomorrow [Friday]," said Dr Eldrin Morales of Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), who is also the field commander at the culling operations.

"We just can't compare yesterday's operation with this morning's because the ones that were culled yesterday were piglets," said Dr. Morales.

The Depopulation Committee also clarified that the dizziness and headaches workers are experiencing are not related to the exposure of Ebola-infected pigs.

If the culling is finished by Friday, disinfection on the infected farm can begin by weekend.

"We're looking at the possibility of sending a different set of team for the disinfection," said Dr. Morales.

Workers Getting Aid from Bulacan Government

Bulacan Governor Jonjon Mendoza inspected the culling of Ebola Reston-virus infected pigs in the province.

According to the news agency, he also checked the condition of workers affected by the temporary closure of the hog farm.

Aside from rice and groceries, the local government has given the more than 30 workers, P10,000 livelihood assistance as well as scholarships for their children.

Mr Mendoza also continues to assure consumers that pork from other farms in Pandi, Bulacan are safe since hogs from only one hog farm were infected with the virus.

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