Hendrix Genetics Names Hypor General Management Team

by 5m Editor
17 July 2009, at 2:58pm

GLOBAL - To oversee the company’s plans for further expansion in the pig breeding sector, Hypor has appointed Antoon van den Berg, Raf Beeren and Enrique Satué as the Hypor General Management Team.

Antoon van den Berg is nominated as Managing Director. Both Raf Beeren and Enrique Satué are Deputy Managing Directors. Together they will form the Hypor General Management Team and oversee the company’s global operations. Antoon van den Berg will combine this function with that of Chief Executive Officer of Hendrix Genetics.

Antoon van den Berg replaces Dave Libertini, who was recently named Vice President, Americas for Hendrix Genetics.

Antoon van den Berg has worked for Hendrix Genetics since the start in 2005. He has had an extensive international career in Agribusiness. The head office of Hypor will be in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

Raf Beeren started to work for Hypor in 1999. His work with Hypor was interrupted for 4 years. During those years he worked for Chore Time and Hybro.

Enrique Satué has worked for Hypor since 1977. He is living in Spain.