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Swine Dysentery Charter Formed for Yorkshire

by 5m Editor
3 August 2009, at 11:27am

UK - Yorkshire and Humberside’s 3300,000 drive for lower production costs is now in full swing. Pig-keepers are forming local clusters and will share information about the health status of their pigs (see August issue of Pig World, published 12 August).

In a poll over 90 per cent of producers said they were particularly keen to see urgent action against swine dysentery, which is posing a growing threat in the region.

Accordingly, Yorkshire and Humberside Health has this month launched its Swine Dysentery Producer Charter. This is similar to the approach adopted successfully in East Anglia.

The Yorkshire and Humberside Health Swine Dysentery Control Centre will do the following:

  • Record details of all confirmed swine dysentery cases.
  • Gather key facts relating to an outbreak including farm location, diagnosis, destinations of any pig movements off the infected farm.
  • Record when farms are declared free of swine dysentery after an outbreak.
  • Circulate key information to all contacts nominated by members of the Producer’s Charter.
  • Provide protocols/guidance on approaches to various swine-dysentery-related issues.
  • Provide an advisory service to abattoirs, hauliers, feed companies and knackermen on swine dysentery control procedures.

You can sign up for the charter soon at

Further Reading

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