UFU: Pig Industry will Effectively Deal with H1N1

by 5m Editor
21 September 2009, at 11:33am

NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - The Ulster Farmers’ Union says the local pig industry will be able to deal effectively with an incidence of H1N1 Influenza A Virus in a local pig herd.

UFU President Graham Furey said, "We have a very professional pig industry in Northern Ireland which practices very strict bio-security on farms. While this is a new development, it is not unexpected given the spread of this virus and the industry will work together to deal with this situation. It is important to note the Food Standards Agency view that this virus does not pose a food safety risk to consumers."

Mr Graham said this is also the view held by the World Health Organisation. The UFU will continue to liaise with the Department of Agriculture and the Food Standards Agency.

The UFU also highlighted that the industry has been working in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture to produce a Code of Practice to advise pig producers on Influenza. Mr Furey said, "The Code of Practice is now available and will be a source of helpful advice to pig producers."

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