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Cull Breeding Swine Program Audits Underway

by 5m Editor
29 October 2009, at 8:43am

OTTAWA, CANADA - As a requirement of the Cull Breeding Swine Program (CBSP), random audits are being conducted to ensure culled breeding swine facilities are in compliance.

Participants in the program signed contracts with the Canadian Pork Council agreeing not to house breeding swine in culled facilities for a period of three years.

The Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians (CASV) has been contracted to conduct the audits. “So far, approximately 40 audits have been conducted and no non-compliance issues have been uncovered,” says Dr Alan Theede, secretary-treasurer of the CASV. “Some facilities do have swine in them, but not breeding swine. That’s within the rules of the program. Culled barns under the CBSP may be used for purposes other than housing breeding swine during the 3-year period.”

Producers that do not comply with the requirement will be obligated to pay an administrative fee in addition to reimbursing the full program payment received plus interest calculated from the date the initial payment was received. For producers that come forward voluntarily to acknowledge they are housing breeding swine in culled facilities, the 10 per cent administrative fee may be waived.

All participants in the CBSP are subject to audit. There will be appropriate notice given to provide for biosecurity requirements.

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