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Boycott of Non-free Range Pork Urged

by 5m Editor
2 November 2009, at 9:53am

NEW ZEALAND - Earlier this year, New Zealand witnessed one of the greatest marketing disasters in history. Mike King, the Kiwi bloke who makes people laugh for a living, had been fronting a high-profile campaign to get people to eat more New Zealand pork.

But when he discovered the conditions some pork was being farmed in, he changed his tune.

Pork's poster boy became a whistle blower, taking many consumers on the same voyage of discovery he had been on.

So, six months on, what's changed? Are those pigs out of their sow crates? Can you eat your bacon with a clear conscience?

Animal welfare campaigners SAFE, the people behind Mr King's conversion, say no. Both they, and Mr King himself, are calling for a consumer boycott of all pork that isn't free range.

They have even made a TV ad, although it is very different from the TV ads he used to make, says

Campbell Live speaks to Mike King and CEO of the Pork Industry Board, Sam McIvor.

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