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Funding for Yorkshire Pig Industry

by 5m Editor
27 November 2009, at 6:49am

UK - Pig industry workers in the Yorkshire and Humber region are benefiting from funding for staff development, available through the Yorkshire Landskills programme.

BPEX is encouraging pig producers and organisers running events, who have yet to utilise this funding, to get in contact to discuss the opportunities available to them. The aim is to give all pig producers access to affordable, local training that is relevant to their role.

Already 139 pig unit staff have been trained and 39 different events delivered with Landskills’ support. Money is available for any kind of knowledge transfer activity and it is simple and easy to apply for – BPEX handles most of the paperwork on behalf of producers.

Hazel Preece, a training consultant who works with JSR Farms Ltd said, “It is great that a central body in the pig industry is facilitating the funding; that way it gets to the heart of the industry and improves the relevant skills.”

A total grant of £70,000 was awarded for pig producers in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, with a range of different events including on-farm training, veterinary workshops, farmer discussion groups, BPEX Knowledge Transfer workshops and management training.

Louise Dorward of J T Fall Ltd, Thirsk, attended a course of workshops with the Bishopton Vet Group. She said: “Everybody should get involved in training. No matter how much experience they have, there is always something new to pick up. The workshops were excellent; Duncan Berkshire put the information across in a simple and straightforward manner, so that we could all understand.”

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